Friday, November 14, 2003

Hey folks...damn, it's been awhile since I blogged here...Sorry...I think I'll try to blog on this one too if xanga doesn't work...Which is the reason I'm not blogging there cuz they server is down...Oh pooh...anyhow...self is still confrused about Dart...Eh...will my mind ever give up on him??????? Man, I'm not even sure about that...you might have to give me a couple months or so, and maybe i'll be over it...

Junior field trip is on friday!!!! So far, as I know, I know that from our group that's going is Me, sheri, Dart, Stephanie, Jennifer, and Jessica...I don't even know who I'm gonna sit on the bus with...Maybe I'll sit with Dart...Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Oh man...I'm really bored...BORED!!!! I'm really supposed to look up some cheat codes for SSX tricky so me and my sis can play...BTW, I still have to get SSX 3...That game looks super mondo...I have to have it...

Man...I hate my look...And as stupid as it sounds, I'm dressed like such a prep..I want to be more rockerish, cuz that's who I am...December, I am gonna buy me a pair of dickies and another pair of chucks, except they'll be lack...and then I gotta get me a few band t-shirts...then I'll be pimpin...I gotta get my white belt and my full black pyramid belt...and my bracelets...GRRR...And I wanna get those CKY dvds...Man, it's a good thing I'm gonna get a job during the summer...or maybe sooner...So I ca buy the clothes that I want and the shoes that I want..Ha ha ha...Well, I'm outtie...byes!


Monday, September 01, 2003

Hey there folks! Pahea 'oe? Aniewaise...Mann, I have not blogged in like a thousand years! My bad...Mann...I've finally done all my shopping...I have my backpack and crap...Errggh...And the process of celaning my room? Done...WoW!

I realized that I didn't talk about Allan Cooke when I talked about Koji Kraft. I'm lame...Aniewaise...I watched the x games, and Cookie placed ninth with his final touch of a trick, the superflip. It was awesome...Oh man...It was soo cool...Koji, like usual, and not that it's bad, fell again, and it looked like he was hurting bad cuz he was cryin a bit. But it's all good, cuz he placed tenth, and that's good enough for me. Mirra placed 2nd or 3rd, I think. He would've placed 1st if he had landed that backflip tailwhip, like cory nastazio did in the dirt trials, but, he fell...Twice...When he was attempting it, and then after again when he just wanted to see if he could do it or not. The one thing I started to watch was Aggressive inline vert because the yatsutoko bros are tight. the ripped like crazy and they both placed 1-2. I love how Takeshi does the viking flip because it looks so bizarre. And it would've been cool if he would've landed that 1440, but he fell on his knees...The x games ripped.

I'm a total freak...everyday now that I watch fuse and listen to all that rock music makes me love it even more and I'm glad that I'm a rocker, because rap music sucks ass...And I have yet to paint my nails black, because I haven't had time...but I will tomorrow...

Did I forget to say that Allan Cooke and Koji Kraft rip? I love the super flip that Cookie did, and I like how crazy krafters is...Whoot!

School starts soon...SSSSHHHHHIIIITTTT!!!! 1 more day...

Allan cook and Koji are hot...*dRoOLs*

i'm out! Payce!

Nui loa,

Monday, August 11, 2003

Hey there folks! Pahea 'oe? Aniewaise...if you've read my fan fic, I just updated. Anyhow...This weekend was okay. I went to this Auto show in motion thing with my rents and my sister. We didn't do much there since the only thing that my dad wanted to do was drive the escalade ext and the hummer h2. the hummer was the funniest part. we waited in line for an hour until we finally got to ride in one. It was cool because of the little course they made up for it. we went up a hill that was high on the left side, so we were leaning on the right, and went up some straight up and down hills and it was fun. Plus, the guide that was in the car was mad hot! Whoo!! He was fine...anyhow...I just thought it was funny that there were all the short asian people all lined up to drive it. and that even thought these people are here to test drive to say they drove one, you know they aren't gonna buy it cuz yah know they can't afford it...hahaha...it's quite a tossup for us here, tho. My parents can't decide if they're gonna buy the hummer first or the avalanche. I wish the would buy the hummer first. That thing is mad cool. I love that car.

After the autoshow, we went out to eat at this sushi house called, well, the sushi house. I ordered this bento box with beef teriyaki and cali rolls. It's funny, because I went to the bathroom because I earlier had ingested three cokes, and needed to use the loo, so me and my sister went. And when we came back, my bento box was on the table. I was shocked because it was huge! when I sat down, all these people were staring at me. It was weird. then I got tired or holding my chopsticks. I got the hang of them, and then it started to hurt, so I was getting tired of eating. But the food was good. I had fun in alameda on saturday. What was cool was that we drove by the old navy housing where my sisters and my rents lived before i was born. we drove by the house they lived in, and the old school that my older sister used to go to. It was cool.

I still have not finished my room. It will either be done by today or tomorrow. And I have peer couseling training tomorrow, and I have to look for my slip still. Crap! I'm in overload. But, I'm keeping calm because I'm listening to the "Sweetest Sin". So I'm all good! Well, i'm outtie! byes! -Mel

Monday, August 04, 2003

Hey there folks! Pahea 'oe? Aniewaise...I decided to change the blog title (again) cuz I feelin' something new. I'm still the pink laydee, cuz I love pink, and I still use the alias, but I like the alias ReBeL gOoDy TwO sHoEs also, so I'm using it. But anyhow...I'm bored right now. I just did all my main junk for websites, altho I did not update my story (Sorry!) because I was feelin' kinda lazy and junk. That and I'm still thinking of ideas.

I got so bored last week. I ended up watching a whole buncha BMX stuff, and theres this rider named Koji Kraft. He's a really good BMXer cuz he does some mad wicked tricks. Plus, he's asian, and he's cute (Very good combination, if I do say so myself). But yea, look out for him cuz he's mad hot and he rocks! Well, I'm outtie, byes!

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Hey there folks! Pahea 'oe? Long time not see! My fault...I got restricted from the computer, but I'm the little bad girl rebel, so I went on for the hell of it. aniewaise...Howis everybody? I feel so bored at home that I actually wanna go back to school because I don't have much to do here since the only thing I'm doing is cleaning the whole freaking house and trying to keep it clean before october, which is a very long time from now. But anyway, I actually finally watched the whole season of sakura diaries and I'm almost done with NieA_7. That anime is so damn funny, it's hilarious. I'm so bored here, I hella just wanna go back to school and see everyone...ANd hey, NFG fans! Vater has just somewhat annouced that they will be putting a players edition model of cyrus bolooki's drumsticks arounf x-mas time and january! I believe that is an x-mas hint from me. I hella want those damn drumsticks, especially if they are they shit end of the stick ones...Those are so cool! aniewaise...I'm outtie! see yah! Love, Mel

Friday, July 11, 2003

*pRiNcE cHarMiNg*

pRiNcE cHaRMiNg, CaN yOu reScUe Me?
ArE yOu ReAL, cAn YoU mAkE mE fEeL
fEeL uNrEaL...
pRiNcE cHaRMiNg, i BeLiEvE iN yOu...
FaiRy TaLeS cAn CoMe TrUe
sO i WiLL wAiT fOr YoU...

Hey there folks! Pahea 'oe? Mann, all in my head, I can hear this song. I love this song. It's by Willa Ford. Shaway!! I was so bored, I actually worte fan fiction dude! if you wanna check it out, go to fandomination.net, click on musicians, click on new found glory, the story's called bakit labis kitang mahal. and if you can't see it, just look for my screen name PiNkViXeN_o6. I'm bored!!!!! Okay, that's all I wanted to blog!

Byes and Nui Loa,
Mel aka MoMo!

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Hey there folks! Pahea 'oe? Aniewaise...I'm the lamest person around...I'm s damn lazy! Errgh! that's it! No more slacking tomorrow! I have to clean and get this shit done and over with so that I can take my lessons and get my clothes, because there are so any shirts I'd like to getand all that crap. I can't wait till I start getting allowance so that I can start buying all the pins for my backpack and have some cool weird decor. Hmm...I have no idea what I should write tonight...But I think Im going to start writing a fan fiction. Just to keep me occupied just because the people whose fics don't update, I can just do my thing...Okay, I'm out...Byes!

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